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Purim Celebrations

This year Purim falls on Thursday 1st March. Please save the date!

As part of our celebrations we would like all the children to come in comfortable fancy dress for a special morning of celebration! You are all welcome to join us for the Megillah reading followed by a fancy dress parade at 9:30am.

As is our custom, please would you assist your child in decorating a container and providing a Purim Food Gift (Shalach Manos, one of the special mitzvos of Purim).

Purim Food Gifts

To keep it very simple, healthy and Kosher we advise you to put in a pure fruit juice carton or a water bottle and a fresh fruit.

These Purim Gifts are to be brought to Nursery on Thursday 1st March and at the usual snack time we will ask the children to take their Food Gift and swap it with another child. Obviously we will make sure each child gives and receives a gift.

We are also planning a special Purim lunch together with Ralli Hall and we would like to transport the children in their fancy dress to have their lunch, celebrate and share their joy with older generation.

Family Celebration & Purim Party

If families are interested and willing, we could extend the Purim celebrations to continue into the afternoon at Ralli Hall as a full-blown party for everyone!

However, we are restricted by time and would need to finish by 3:30pm.

Please let Penina know if you would be interested in supporting this endeavour, and whether you would consider taking your older children out of school for the afternoon to celebrate this special fun Jewish Holiday!