The Montessori method allows children to learn the way they learn best and easiest, by doing things for themselves. During the Independent Activities, the children can choose work that appeals to their own inner interests.

The specially designed Montessori materials are beautifully made, self correcting apparatus that give your child many opportunities for success as they work at their own pace.

There are 4 basic areas which include Practical Life, designed especially for the young child and teaches them how to care for themselves and their environment.


The Sensorial area, encourages the child to use and develop their senses to discover the world and be able to distinguish different sounds, shapes, colours, smells, weights, temperatures, textures etc.


Language and Mathematical apparatus provide opportunities for the children to develop far beyond their years, reading, writing and adding hundreds and tens and units.


Geography and Science resources cultivate an awareness of the world around us and how it all works.


This child-centred approach helps build;

Self esteem, a sense of order, independence and a love for learning.