Children learn through play – play is the child’s work.

Our Nursery Curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines which includes a broad and balanced range of experiences over a period of time.  We cover the 7 Learning Areas as outlined below, including the Jewish area of Spiritual Development.

In addition, we are very fortunate to benefit from the Montessori child-centred approach, which develops self-esteem, a sense of order, self-control and a love for learning. Our children have the wonderful opportunity to learn through self-discovery using some of our special Montessori apparatus. They are also offered weekly yoga, music, dance and drama sessions.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

  • Develops dispositions and attitudes to learning and the ability to focus when appropriate
  • Enhances the ability to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Enables the formation of good relationships with adults and peers
  • Encourages the child to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Promotes understanding and respect of the needs and views of others

Communication & Language Development and Literacy includes:

  • Communication of needs, feelings and events
  • Language for thinking
  • Linking sounds and letters
  • Listening with enjoyment and responding to stories, songs, poems and rhymes
  • Extending vocabulary and explore the meaning & sound of new words
  • Using language to imagine & recreate rolls, experiences or event

Physical Development provides:

  • Space to move, with increasing control and coordination
  • Teaches the child to manage their own dressing & personal hygiene
  • Opportunities to show awareness of space of  themselves and of others
  • Recognition of the importance of being healthy and how to keep healthy
  • Time to practice using a range of small and large
  • Equipment, practising fine and gross motor skills


  • Numbers for labels and counting
  • Recognising colours and shapes
  • Using language to compare quantities, describe size and position
  • Use mathematical ideas to solve practical problems.

Understanding of the World is:

  • Exploration and investigation
  • Designing and making skills
  • A sense of time, place & community
  • ICT

Expressive Arts and Design involves:

  • Responding to experiences, expressing and communicating ideas
  • Exploring media and Materials
  • Creating Music and Dance
  • Developing Imagination and Imaginative Play

Spiritual Development provides:

  • Awareness of G-d as the Creator
  • Celebration of good deeds and positive character traits
  • Experience of Jewish practice
  • Opportunities to enjoy Shabbos and Jewish Holidays.